Prepare a steak like you’ve never prepared before: using a Turtle Sous Vide . Surprise your guests, family or yourself with a quality steak full of taste!


  • Steak 20-25 mm
  • Herbs of your choice


  • Put the meat in the bag and add herbs of your choice.
  • Seal the bag

Note that the edge of the bag remains clean and dry, fold the edge outwards. Sealing the bag properly is only possible if the bag is dry.

  • Put the bag in the water bath and set the time (see below)

If you do not wish to use the meat directly after preparation, you need to cool off the bag immediately in ice water. After cooling off you can store the sealed bag in the refrigerator.

Preparation time and temperature:

Meat Time and temperature
Medium raw
Well done
49°C – 53°C to 2.5 hour
54°C – 57°C to 4 hour
57°C – 62°C to 4 hour
63°C – 68°C to 3.5 hour