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What is sous vide

What is sous vide

Sous Vide is a French cooking techniques and means prepare “under vacuum”. In this technique, vacuum-packed foods are cooked in a water bath with precisely controlled low temperature. This low temperature ensures evenly cooked products, such as meat, fish, vegetables and seafood. Fruits can also be cooked using this method.


The Sous Vide cooking technique has long been popular in restaurants and catering companies and is now available and affordable for consumers. A Sous Vide is a good addition in the kitchen.

You place the products with herbs in a vacuum bag in the water bath pre-heated by your Byzoo Sous Vide SV03 and you set the time. You do not need to check your ingredients until the set time is reached. The cooking time depends on what you are preparing. Meat takes longer time than fish or vegetables.

After preparation in the Sous Vide the meat should briefly be baked, only to get the crunchy crispy brown layer, which contains a lot of flavor. Most species of fish, shellfish and poultry can be served directly from the vacuum bag.

With Sous Vide it  is easy to cook ahead, for example, for an important or large dinner or in a busy week. After preparation in the Sous Vide you should cool the bags directly into ice water or blast chiller so you can store the food (still vacuum packed) for several days in the refrigerator.

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