At the heart of Byzoo there are people looking for the innovation that changes the everyday into something special and a desire to live life and improve it. Our goal  is to improve life through good design and innovative cooking.

Brand Vision

To be the leading Brand of the innovative cooking appliance brands in the world. Byzoo develops accessible Dutch designed lifestyle products. The customer is the most important factor. This leads to user friendly products, with a sleek design and innovative technology. The products of Byzoo are made of a good quality and are constantly evolving.

Real lives

We create products with life in mind: products that are adaptable, functional, durable and of real quality. From the materials we use to our design philosophy and the way we conduct our business relationships – we are real people, making real products for real life and a fair price.

User Friendly

Because we understand the dynamic nature of modern living and because at Byzoo we focus on the desires and needs of the customer, we search, select, develop and produce our products to a high standard and are the products accessible and user friendly. People live wherever they may be. Our outlook is global, but we understand each local neighborhood.

Dutch Design

Byzoo Dutch Design

Byzoo is an independent brand based in The Netherlands, born out of love for kitchen and innovation. Byzoo offers high-quality kitchen appliances with a minimalistic Dutch design, focusing on creating user friendly and innovative kitchen appliances.