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Order & Payment Methods

To place an order

You can easily place your order by clicking on the button “Add to cart” in the product description of the product you wish to buy. You check your order and click on “Checkout”. You fill out all necessary details for the invoice and shipment of your order. Then you choose the shipping and payment method. Again, you check your order and details and click on “Place order now”. You will now be forwarded to the payment company to complete your order.

All prices are incl. VAT

Payment Methods

If you choose to pay through Bank Transfer, you need to transfer the required amount manually to the account of our payment company MultiSafepay. You will receive their payment instructions per e-mail.

When you transfer the amount, we kindly ask you to make sure the payment transaction ID mentioned in your order confirmation is included in your payment description. If the payment description is not correct your payment cannot be processed. Processing bank transfer payments usually take 2 to 3 workdays. We do our best to process your order as soon as possible. Should you wish to order faster, we advise you to use a different payment method.

Can you use your online banking at ABN-AMRO, ING, Fortis, SNS Bank of Rabobank?
Consider iDEAL as payment method. This is a free paying service with which you also pay in your reliable safe online banking environment. When you use iDEAL, we know immediately of the payment is approved. Your order can be processed right away, if the payment is received before 5 PM.

If you have internet banking, you can use iDEAL directly. You do not need to register.
iDEAL offers you several advantages over other payment methods:

  • iDEAL is just as familiar, safe and easy as internet banking
  • iDEAL is supported by the major Dutch banks
  • Control and overview on the payment
  • At Byzoo-global.com, paying with iDEAL is free

How does iDEAL work?
When you pay for the order you can indicate that you want to pay with iDEAL. Then you will be redirected to your own bank where the payment order is ready for your approval. You will be asked by your bank to enter several details and you authorize the payment. The amount is debited directly from your payment account and we are informed that the order has been paid.

If you prefer not to pay in advance, there is the possibility to pay at the door cash on delivery. You pay the carrier on receipt of your shipment.

An extra € 25, – will be charged.

It is not possible to pay with credit or debit card at the door. So, make sure that you have enough cash to be able to pay the amount.

Cash on delivery is only possible in the Netherlands and up to a maximum total amount of € 500, –

The easiest way of online shopping: simple, fast and reliable.
If you choose to pay with credit card, we will ask you to enter the following information:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • cvv2-code (validation code)
  • Card holder name

Once you have entered this information click on “Submit”. Your purchase has now been completed and submitted to our system. You will be redirected to our website where you will find a confirmation of your purchase. In addition, you will receive an email confirming your purchase.

Frequently asked questions about credit card payments

Why is there a validation code?
The validation code (Card Validation Code) are the last three digits on the back of your credit card.
We ask you to enter this information to make sure that your card is not used for fraudulent purposes, as this number is not printed anywhere else. The card validation code validates that the person who makes the purchase owns the credit card and doesn’t use not a copy of the credit card or just the number of the credit card. Therefor the last three digits are not included in the magnetic strip on the card, nor are they part of the credit card number

When is my credit card charged?
After you entered your information and clicked on “Submit”, your personal details will be verified. Once your personal details are approved, your credit card will be charged. Your order is then sent to our system (this takes just a few minutes).

What kind of order information do we receive?
Only the bank has access to your credit card data. During the transaction MultiSafepay will verify your card number, the validation code and your address. MultiSafepay will send confirming if we can process your order. If this is the case, we receive the following data:

Telephone number
Ordered item(s)

Of course, this information will be dealt with confidentially.

With PayPal you can quickly and easily transfer and receive money online. It is a simple payment method to transfer money (also internationally) to family members, friends, webshops and auction websites.

With SOFORT banking, paying online is very easy. You just use your trusted data from Internet banking. This method is completely safe. The payment process takes place in real time, so that your order can be processed immediately.

VAT and Taxes

Registered businesses with a valid VAT number from the European Union, except for the Netherlands, do not have to pay Dutch VAT. Your VAT number must be valid for international transactions. Before placing your order, please contact Byzoo-global.com. We can’t change the invoice afterwards. If the shipping address is outside the European Union, you should also consider local regulations. Import duties, customs duties or other costs, other than shipping costs are for the account of the customer. Please contact your local authorities before placing an order. Byzoo-global.com cannot be held responsible for levies, taxes, seizure or any other government measure whatsoever; direct or indirect costs related will not be reimbursed and cannot lead to any other claims. All prices are including VAT.

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