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The Byzoo Water Distiller purifies water by heating. In just a few hours you have clean and pure drinking water. Thanks to the stainless-steel housing and the glass water jug, the distilled water is free of substances that could be released when heating plastic.



Distilling is a method in which water is heated to purify inorganic minerals and chemicals from the water. These substances, such as metals, calcium, sodium, magnesium have a boiling point higher than 100 degrees and will not evaporate during the distillation process. Any substances present with a boiling point below 100 degrees will be collected by the filter. This creates soft and pure water without residues.

The stainless-steel holder can be filled to the maximum indicated level (4 litres). Then put on the lid, place the water jug under the exit to collect the distilled water. The desired distillation temperature can be set and then the water distiller heats the water. With the Byzoo Water Distiller you can distil an average of three litres of water in more than four hours. You can also distil a smaller quantity of water.

The machine is very quiet during operation. You will hardly notice that it is on.

The heating element switches off automatically if the temperature in the device becomes too high.

Durable materials
The Byzoo Water Distiller housing is made entirely of stainless steel. The water jug is made of glass. By using sustainable materials, you can enjoy pure water for years to come. The water does not come into contact with plastic during distillation.

Additional information

Weight 5.95 kg

20,0 x 20,0 x 36,0 cm


5.9 KG


220-240V – 50-60 Hz – 750W

Wire length

1,4 m


5 years


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