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Byzoo working on the future. Vacuum blending is the newest way of blending, in which ingredients are vacuumized and oxidation is prevented. This allows the ingredients to remain fresher and better retain their nutrients. The Byzoo Giraffe is a vacuum blender that also fully automates this process and is a powerful power blender!

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A blender ensures that the ingredients are crushed and mixed into juice. A vacuum blender does the same, but with a maximum retention of nutrients and freshness of the ingredients. Before the blending process will start, the ingredients will be vacuumized. This prevents air from entering during the blending process and ingredients will not oxidize. You will create a juice with natural colour and flavour that beautifully matches the original ingredients.

Preservation of nutrients

Oxidation will be prevented with the vacuum blender of Byzoo. This ensures a delicious result with a maximum preservation of nutrients.

Six powerful blades

The six powerful blades will cut and pulverize all the ingredients you have with ease.

Smart blending

With just one click on the button the whole process of vacuum blending will start itself. Besides you have the option to start all the programs separate.


The blender only works when you place the jar correctly. This way the vacuum blender prevents accidents.

Beautiful texture

The colour, fresh taste and texture of the result is fantastic.

Maximum preservation of nutrients

The Byzoo Giraffe vacuum blender prevents oxidation by minimizing air layers during the blending process. This ensures maximum preservation of nutrients and longer retention of freshness.

6 powerful blades

The Giraffe has powerful cutting blades which pulverize each ingredient without any difficulty.

Smart blending

The Byzoo vacuum blender Giraffe makes it easy to start the whole process of blending with just a click on the button. You place the blending jar on the machine and blender does the rest. You also have the option to only vacuumize or just blend.


The blender jar must be placed correctly (which is easy) before the vacuum blender can do its job. This prevents accidents and machine fails.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 28.7 × 15.0 × 41.7 cm

23.000 rpm

Chamber Capacity

1,5 l








5 years


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