Byzoo Sous Vide Turtle

//Byzoo Sous Vide Turtle

Byzoo Sous Vide Turtle


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With the Byzoo sous vide Turtle you cook the perfect meals every time. Your ingredients will be cooked at a continuously precisely low temperature. The inside of your ingredients will be properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and will retain moisture. The Turtle sous vide can be attached to your own favourite cooking pan.

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Sous vide is a healthy method of exactly preparation your food in a water bath at a regulated low-temperature. The products are vacuum-sealed, conserving all of your additional flavours. The ingredients can keep all the flavours and texture and will never overcook during the sous vide process. With the Byzoo sous vide the nutrients and vitamins are going to be maintained far more, with a much higher taste than alternative preparation methods.

Adjustable temperature and timer

You can adapt the time and temperature for the products you want to cook. This way you have the best results for each separate product.

Suitable for every cooking pan

It is possible to attach the Byzoo sous vide to your own favourite cooking pan.

Quiet motor

The motor is very quiet.

Temperature precision under 0.5°C

Temperature precision under 0.5℃. Cook your products with the exact required temperature. Never overcook your products.

Stainless steel (wetted parts)

The wetted parts of the sous vide are made from stainless steel.

LCD display for setting time and temperature

The Byzoo sous vide Turtle has a LCD display. This way you can check the time left and the current temperature.

Adjustable temperature and timer

For excellent results you would like to adapt the time and temperature for every specific product. The Byzoo sous vide Turtle makes it simple to regulate the time for the most delicious texture and taste of your product.

Temperature precision under 0.5°C

With a temperature precision under 0.5℃, the Byzoo sous vide is one of the foremost advanced sous vide offered on the market. Due to the precise water system you will never over- or undercook your favourite dishes. You would like your steak rare? You get an ideal rare stake on every occasion, with the best taste you can imagine.

Quiet motor

The motor very quiet, so you can use the sous vide without hardly any noise in the kitchen.

Suitable for every cooking pan

You can attach the Byzoo sous vide to your own favourite cooking pan. This way the sous vide will not take much space in your kitchen.

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36,7 x 13,5 x 8,8cm


220~240v 1300w


5 years


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