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Byzoo Cutting Board Sterilizer Raccoon


With the Byzoo cutting board sterilizer Raccoon you have next to a storage block a machine which will sterilize all your cutting boards, knifes and scissor. This way your cutting board will be free of bacteria and you will be able to prepare your food safely. The cutting board sterilizer uses ultraviolet lamps and an high-tech heating system to ensure this disinfection process. The boards will be disinfected for 99,9% within one hour and automatically disinfect every 5 hours.

The Byzoo cutting board sterilizer Raccoon has the cutting boards included.

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If you want to prepare ingredients for your favourite dish you want to do it without the probability of residual bacteria. With a sterilizer you can easily realize this. It sterilizes all your products, like cutting boards, knives and scissors. This way you’re sure that the meal you will serve and consume is made of pure fresh ingredients.

Storage block and sterilizer

The Byzoo cutting board sterilizer is a storage block for your cutting boards and knives with a sterilizer included.

Automatically disinfection

The sterilizer runs automatically every 5 hours to keep the cutting boards disinfected.

High-tech heating system

With the use of ultraviolet lamps and a high-tech heating system, the cutting board sterilizer ensures the best disinfection rate.

99,9% disinfection rate within one hour

It will have a disinfection rate of 99,9% within only 1 hour.

Additional information

Weight 1.61 kg
Dimensions 38 × 11 × 28 cm

5 years


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