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Byzoo Vacuum Sealer VS03 Mini


The Byzoo Vacuum Sealer VS03 is a compact stainless steel vacuum sealer. This vacuum sealer draws all air from vacuum bags and then seals them.

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Vacuum sealers are used to extract air from storage bags and then seal them tightly. Due to this way of vacuum packing, food is not exposed to air. This not only preserves the taste and nutrients, but also keeps the food fresh longer.

Vacuum food packaging is also used in the sous vide preparation of meals. With this method, the vacuum-packed products are heated in a warm water bath at a constant low temperature.

This Byzoo vacuum sealer is also very suitable for marinating or packaging in smaller portions for later use, but also for protecting non-food products.

Vacuum and sealing functions
You place the food you wish to seal in the vacuum bag. There is about 5 cm left between the contents and the top of the bag, so that the bag has enough space to shrink. Then open the lid of the vacuum sealer, place the bag in the vacuum chamber, close the lid and press the button.

Besides the automatic vacuum and sealing function, you can also use the vacuum sealer only to seal bags.

Stainless steel
The vacuum sealer is made of stainless steel, ensuring the device has not only a higher quality appearance, but is also more durable.

Easy to use
Due to the simple operation of the vacuum sealer, this Byzoo Vacuum Sealer VS03 is very user friendly.

The Byzoo Vacuum Sealer is compact, so it takes up little space in the kitchen and is easy to store.

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220 ~ 240V


50 Hz


5 years


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