Byzoo Sous Vide SV03

//Byzoo Sous Vide SV03

Byzoo Sous Vide SV03


The Byzoo Sous Vide SV03 is a sous vide stick that prepares all your meals in a perfect way. By heating your ingredients at consistently accurate low temperatures, your food will be cooked evenly while preserving the nutrients. The Byzoo Sous Vide Stick can be attached to any pan.

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Sous vide is a healthy preparation method where your ingredients are carefully cooked in a water bath at a regulated low temperature. The ingredients must be vacuum packed using a vacuum sealer before they are placed in the water bath. Through the sous vide process all nutrients and vitamins are preserved. The sous vide cooking process also provides a much better taste than other preparation methods, in addition, the food will never be overcooked, and the texture will remain tender.

Time and temperature controller
With the help of the touch control display you can easily set the time and temperature. The temperature can be regulated between 40 ° C and 90 ° C. This way you can set a constant low temperature for each individual product so that the taste and texture are maintained during the cooking process.

Suitable for any cooking pan
The Byzoo Sous Vide SV03 is a sous vide stick that can be attached to any pan. The water circulation capacity is 6-19 litres.

Temperature at 0.2 ° C accurate
The temperature is accurately at 0.2 ° C. If you set the exact desired temperature your products will never be overcooked.

Stainless steel
The parts of the Byzoo Sous Vide SV03 that will be in contact with water during the sous vide process are made of stainless steel.

Led Display
You can use the LED Display to read the temperature and time and adjust them easily and quickly if necessary.

Safety precautions
The Byzoo Sous Vide SV03 is equipped with a water level detection system, as a precaution. This makes sure that the machine eventually will not cook dry. Furthermore, additional fuses have been added so that the sous vide stick meets the latest certifications.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 8.2 × 9.5 × 38.2 cm

220-240V – 56/60Hz – 800W


40-90°C / 104-194°F




Stainless steel


8,2 x 9,5 x 38,2cm




5 years


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