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The Byzoo Slow Juicer Rhino is Byzoo’s first horizontal slow juicer. With the horizontal juicing technique and low-speed, you can easily obtain a high-quality juice. Especially for green juices with lots of leafy vegetables, wheat grass or ginger shots, the Byzoo Rhino is a great slow juicer.

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With the horizontal technique, They horizontal Rhino slowjuicer from Byzoo is perfectly suited for leafy vegetables, wheat grass and other fibre-rich products such as celery and ginger, ideal for your healthy green juices! With the exchangeable nozzles and the blank screen, the juicer is not only ideal to make juices, but also tapenade, peanut butter, or nut milk in addition to juices.

Suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables
The Byzoo Horizontal Slowjuicer Rhino processes fibrous ingredients very well. This omnivore, however, has no problem with root vegetables and fruit. All fruit and vegetables are easily transformed into delicious juice with this slow juicer. So, if you want more than just your healthy green juices, you can make delicious fruit juices with the same ease.

Byzoo Droogoven

Droogoven Byzoo

Beautiful design
With the sleek design, the Byzoo Rhino really is an eye catcher in your kitchen. Because of the beautiful silver-grey colour and silver logo he will fit in every kitchen. The juicer looks nice and compact, which makes it easy to store when necessary.

Low speed
At 45 rotations per minute, the Byzoo slow juicer Rhino runs at a very low number of rotations. Because of this low-speed you get a High quality juice. The low-speed also ensures less noise, which is an extra advantage of course.

Easy to clean
The Byzoo horizontal slowjuicer is easy to clean. You pour 2-3 cups of water into the feeding chute and the drum will then rinse clean. Then all parts can be cleaned under the lukewarm water with the supplied brush. It is important that the holes of the fine screen always remain open, so brushing is really necessary!

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5,6 KG

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1,4 m


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