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  • Byzoo Sous Vide Hippo 2Byzoo Sous Vide Hippo
    The high quality Byzoo sous vide Hippo has a sleek and compact design. The sous vide has a quiet motor and an easy to use touch pad. The adjustable timer and temperature system ensures you will get the most delicious and precisely never overcooked meals. Extra: the Byzoo vacuum sealer Octopus is included with the Byzoo Hippo sous vide.
  • The Byzoo Sous Vide SV02 is a sous vide device that, thanks to its constantly accurate temperature, always prepares the perfect meals. The Byzoo Sous Vide SV02 is equipped with a 9-litre water tank that is closed with a large transparent glass lid so you can check the progress during the sous vide process.
  • The Byzoo Sous Vide SV03 is a sous vide stick that prepares all your meals in a perfect way. By heating your ingredients at consistently accurate low temperatures, your food will be cooked evenly while preserving the nutrients. The Byzoo Sous Vide Stick can be attached to any pan.
  • Byzoo Sous Vide Turtle 3Byzoo Sous Vide Turtle
    With the Byzoo sous vide Turtle you cook the perfect meals every time. Your ingredients will be cooked at a continuously precisely low temperature. The inside of your ingredients will be properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and will retain moisture. The Turtle sous vide can be attached to your own favourite cooking pan.
  • Vacuum Sealer
    The Byzoo Vacuum Sealer VS02 is powerful and versatile. This vacuum sealer draws all the air out of vacuum bags and seals them with a double seal, which prevents air leakage. The Byzoo Vacuum Sealer VS02 has storage space for vacuum bags and a removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • Vacuum Sealer Mini
    The Byzoo Vacuum Sealer VS03 is a compact stainless steel vacuum sealer. This vacuum sealer draws all air from vacuum bags and then seals them.