Introducing our newest blending technology with premium quality and design created by Byzoo. It’s the Byzoo Vacuum Blender Giraffe Series.

The freshness of fruits and vegetables are very important, it’s crucial that we consume all nutrition as fresh as possible. Using the Byzoo Vacuum Blender it is the easiest and fastest way to consume natural ingredients with fiber during our busy and modern life.

The Byzoo Vacuum Blender Giraffe combines the vacuum technology and powerful blending. The vacuum blender prevents oxidation because of the minimization of air during the blending proces, this helps preserving the natural nutrients. The Byzoo Vacuum Blender contains a high performance motor and the 6 layer of stainless blades will blend strong and hard fiber smoothly using our heat-generation preventing technology.

Enjoy the best and healthy smoothie you ever made with Byzoo.